Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Branchly for?

Branchly is really powerful since you can use it for anything, but we recommend you use it when you really, really want to find someone or something and you don't want to deal with strangers on Craiglist or Ebay. A few of our testers have rented out apartments using Branchly, and a few have found employees, but really, Branchly is only limited by your imagination.

How do I know when interested people have found my advertisement?

People will see your ad on our site, and send an email through the site to you. Then you two can get in touch, and you can complete the deal! You can also see if your initial shares are working by checking into your profile. Your postings are all displayed, along with the number of views and shares each one got.

Why do I need a finders fee?

The idea behind the finders fee is that your friends and contacts will be more motivated to help spread your posting, since they see that your success is tied to a charitable donation.

When and how do I pay?

Since Branchly is still in beta, we will contact you manually to discuss payment options. We believe our product's strength is in its interface for the end user and that's where we focused most of our efforts for now.In later stages, we will make (both) our lives easier by integrating a payment system.

When I find who I'm looking for, what do I do?

When you find your person, you can let us know at nyassin [at], and we'll let you know what the next steps are. We are strictly beta-testing right now, so we're processing payments manually to avoid legal hassles.

Where does my money go?

Almost all of it goes to charity. We take a small (10%) cut of it and donate the rest to Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a program that supplies people with clean drinking water. According to their site, each dollar invested in clean water has the effect of twelve dollars invested in the local economy.