About Us

Ever wanted to find someone you can trust, without the difficulty of randomly asking friends and hoping you can find someone? Based in New York City, Branchly allows you to find people or goods recommended by your friends. You create a link and share it with a few people, and your network does the rest. Anywhere you can share a link, you can use Branchly.

Branchly was created by two Harvard students, Nuseir Yassin and Peregrine Badger. Nuseir Yassin, a rising junior at Harvard, is studying Economics and Computer Science. Nuseir is Arab-Israeli, and came to the United States in 2010 for school. Nuseir can be reached at nyassin [at] college.harvard.edu. Peregrine, a rising sophomore, is studying Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. He is also a nationally ranked fencer. Peregrine can be reached at pbadger [at] college.harvard.edu.

Branchly began the summer with this team of only two, but once the beta was built, the platform was used to find a third team member. A finders fee was offered, and within hours, Branchly had a new member, Fernando Irias, all the way from Honduras. Another Honduran, Luis Borjas, also joined the team at this time.

Warren Paul Anderson is an advisor to the team. Warren works as a "data and design driven digital storyteller" in Boston and New York.